Business Lessons From The Great Hack

Cambridge Analytica was involved in a major political scandal back in early 2018. A documentary movie called “The Great Hack” elaborates how it all began from its key players point of view. It is mind blowing how the company able to harvest personal data taken from Facebook in order to drive millions of people real life choices. From Brexit to United States Presidential Election.
Here are business lessons can be “harvest” legally from the movie :
Data if properly Harvest can be a powerful tool to win a market. 
In business world these data can be in form of numbers (sales / expense/ products amount) that can be your insight to win the business competition and even to capture opportunity.
How are you managing data these days? Still scattered in several excel files? Did you know a powerful software can be used to capture this only as cheap as your monthly telephone credit (read : Rp 199.000 per month) ?

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